Nov 9, 2011

Apartment Therapy Spread

As many of you might already know,, has a few vacation rentals in the Portland, OR and Los Angeles area.

Our newest home was just toured by Gregory Han of Apartment Therapy and the link is here:

We are so proud of this post because it is the first project done using 90% of all furniture, fixtures, artwork, rugs, lighting, hardware and more.

Check us out...we add inventory everyday.

Starting soonish I, Cindy, will start blogging more about ideas on how to transform many different types of spaces... From coffee houses and restaurants, to homes and businesses.

Feb 14, 2011

love letter to Ligne Roset Togo Style Sectional....

hi's richard, your red TOGO customer in NY.
hoping you're happy and keeping well out in the much warmer coast.

TOGO is blushing from all the raves and attention she's getting from
a great variety of friends, family, and even the cable television man.

one of these is my wonderful [interior designer] son who has fallen head
over sneakers for her and asked me a question i believe i know the
answer to [and i think it will be "no"], but i told him i'd write to you
to be here goes:

he asked me if "she" was available in a darker or chocolate brown, and
i know the one you have is a lighter mocha. i have a strong feeling that
i've seen one in chocolate somewhere [maybe from ligne, which is beyond
his means at the moment], but i could just as easily be dreaming.

whatever the case, if by chance you know of one, have one, or can special
order one from the manufacturer, he would be thrilled to know it. if by
some miracle it can be done, you'd probably end up with another sale!

thanks and with my best, always,


everyone wants to sit on "her" for V-day!

ps....yes she comes in brown. click the link above.

Sep 28, 2010

Egg Chairs in Nutrisystem Commercial

OK. so we have a thing for Hollywood. After all i still work in the business... Just saw the new Nutrisystem ad and had to grab a fuzzy on-air image. This version is the gorgeous cashmere version of the Arne Jacobsen in Parchment.

A fine diversion from the primary color egg chairs that are so popular at nightclubs, etc.

Go ahead.

Splurge.....Hollywood does:)

Aug 14, 2010

New Orange Togo Pieces go Hollywood

With my not so distant past in the movie business, not so in the past, every once in awhile someone comes back as a client. In this case, Miriam Seger, Production Designer, came wanting something very togo pieces.

For her project on ABC promos, the togo pieces can be used again and again.

thanks mims :)

Jun 19, 2010

New Togo Style in Brown Microsuede

Relax and add fun to your space with this ultra contemporary brown microfiber modern sectional set. A sure conversation starter, the soft fabric is pulled and sewn to create folds rather than a taut, smooth surface. In addition, the seats are contoured with a bucket design and are lightly padded, drawing more attention and making an even bolder statement. Inside, construction is sturdy and based on a kiln-dried solid hardwood frame. Though the sections seem to sit directly on the floor, black plastic feet are included for stabilization and protection of flooring and are well-concealed. Arrange and re-arrange the pieces of this modular sectional set in any way you wish – the possibilities are endless!

2300.00 with free shipping

before i forget......

here are the articles from the LA times and Apartment Therapy...

apartment therapy
LA Times

also make sure to check us out in Atomic Ranch and the Eichler Network.

thanks all!

Oct 28, 2009

New items by Artist Dylan Gold

We are so happy to be working with artist Dylan Gold. His line is gorgeous, thoughtful and stylish. Made to order with great craftsmanship and super quality. His furniture is built to stand the test of time. Like a mid century classic, his designs will be admired for years to come.

Check out the Shady Platform Bed. One of our favorites....

Sep 3, 2009

Hollywood comes knocking

We love working with the film industry in any capacity. Last fall, set decorator, Michelle Schluter-Ford, contacted us to help her dress out her set for the new ABC show CUPID. Mixed in with her finds from various other resources are Modern Rugs, Modern Desk Accessories, Unique table top dressing, and more. Try to spot what she found at .